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WMHA Constitution and By-laws

9. Election Procedure - Annual General Meeting

h) A list of individuals who are in good standing at the end of the current season are entitled to vote at the annual general meeting (for both constitution/by-law amendments, and election of officers) will be compiled by March 1 of each year and posted on the WMHA website by March 15. After posting on the website, the approved voters’ list can only be amended by a majority vote of the Board. The following individuals are entitled to be included on the approved voters list 
(i) Each member of the Board 
(ii) Rostered Staff, On and Off-Ice Staff, Convenors 
(iii) Special and earned positions not mentioned above, as determined by a majority vote of the Board 
(iv) Voting members who are at least 18 years of age 
(v) In instances where an individual falls under more than one (1) category of eligible voters, that individual 
will  be entitled only to one (1) vote, with priority given to highest office and cannot assign voting rights to another individual 
i) Parents/ guardians in good standing of registered children are entitled to one(1) vote. 1 vote total per person and 2 votes total per family, on constitution/by-law amendments

Below is a list of WMHA Volunteers and players over 18 (capitalized) eligible to vote.  Not included on this list but entitled to vote are custodial parents of participants under 18 registered and in good standing in the 2019-2020 season. To protect the privacy of the children registered, parents names have not been added to this list.  Proof of relation/custody of the child will need to be provided at the AGM in order to vote (I.e. Hockey Canada registry, etc..).  

Last First
Acton Kenneth
Adams Chris
Andary Luke
Arcand Ted
Armstrong Andrew
Bacon Richard
Bake Charles
Baldwin Fred
Balkwill Craig
Barta David
Belcoure Ryan
Benneian Robert
Bennett Luca
Benson Curtis
Benson Mike
Bethiaume Jeremy
Bissingthwaighte Mathew
Blair Brad
Blundell Kevin
Bogdanov Sergey
Boismier Leonard
Bondy Colin
Bondy Joe
Bornais Cory
Bornais James
Boroski Andrew
Boroski Matthew
Bortolotti John
Brandner Mitchell
Bremner Kory
Briand Sean
Butler Traci
Byrne Dana
Cammidge Godfrey
Campbell Jim
Cappadocia Sheldon
Carmichael Elmer
Charafeddine Wissam (Sam)
Chesterfield Jeremy
Cloutier Collin
Coccimiglio Daniel
Coletti Val
Colley Diana
Conrod Chris
Coral Claudio
Cote Al
Cote Kevin
Cowgill Sherri
Crowley Jeffrey
Cusinato Dean
Demmans Shawn
Devine Robert M
Dobranksy Heather
Domenicucci Dan
Dorman Mike
Downes John
Duchene Michael
Dugal Mike
Dupuis Matthew
Duval Josh
Duym Phil
Emara Barry
Faccenda Davide
Fahey Marilyn
Farah Michael
Fortin Joe
Foster Jamie
Fournier Ken
Fournier Amy
Frankcom Greg
Frederick Jessica
Frias Cesar
Fryer Scott
Garant Justin
Geoffrey Patrick
Gilliam Mike
Gobeil Ryan
Gravel Christian
Grey Darren
Griffin Scott
Grondin Margie
Guthrie Robert
Hannan Bob
Hawley Michael
Hayward James
Heino Erik
Hendry Kevin
Hergott Brendan
Houle Craig
Iatonna Al
Ingratta Jason
Jackson Kevin
Jacobs Mervin
Jeffery Scott
Jeffrey Larry
Johnston James
Johnston Matthew
Johnston Ryan
Jones Victor
Jovcevski Tony
Kapusniak Kenneth
Kelly Jordan
Kelly Steven
Khoung Christian
Kitarescu Ryan
Knight Sean
Knight Kerry
Kotevski Bob
Kovacevich Korey
Krisan Kristofer
Kruba Christopher
Kuzmas Chris
Lachance Jean
Lalonde Kevin
Lalonde Michelle
Landry Lane
Landry Lee
Lapierre Dean
Lasorda James
Latour Mitch
Le Claire Mark
Leach Jace
Leblanc Mark
Lester Bill
Lewis Andrew
Lister William (Billy)
Little Kyle
Lohnes Ron
Lulic Marko
Lyder Brian
Macdonald Donald
MacDonald Barrie
MacMillan Rick
Macneil Charlie
Malik Tariq
Marcus Gerry
Mazzalonga Franco
McArdle Kirby
McMahon Stephen
Meloche Steve
Mighton Devan
Montcalm Steven
Moreland Stephen
Morrison Darren
Mouawad Mark
Muir Ken
Muir Sean
Munson Shannon
Munson Jason
Murdoch Rick
Murphy Robert
Myers John
Nadeau Daniel
Noble Chas
Normandeau Chad
Olender Carl
Oriet Ashley
Otero-Jones Mari
Ouelevy Henry
Paonessa Mike
Pare Dean
Pare Donna
Pare Rick
Parker Ian
Parreira Nicholas
Philcox Frank
Pickford Dave
Pidhoresky Erin
Pillon Chad
Pinese Josh
Pitre Jonathan
Pizzo Tony
Poisson Franca
Poisson Jason
Poole Craig
Providenti Frank
Quigley Jim
Radigan Sean
Rawlings Doug
Rawlings Lloyd
Reeb Chris
Reisman Max
Retty Andrew
Ristic Goran
Rizok Tyler
Robinet Cody
Rusich Ryan
Sadler Doug
Sasseville Stephen
Scalia Joe (Guiseppe)
Schneider Jason
Sementilli Mike
Senay Scott
Shaw Chad
Sim Rick
Sinasac Sean
Sirizzotti Michael
Skelton John
Smith Deryk
Souchereau Michelle
Spitse Trevor
Stamatiadis Sam
Standel Justin
Stannard Andrew
Stannard Mike
Stenger Philip
Sterling David
Stewart Tom
Stojanov Alek
Teasdale Stacie
Tellerd Doug
Tellerd Amanda
Thompson Tom
Timm Eric
Tramontozzi David
Treverton Derek
Treverton Robert
Trudell Kyle
Trudell Matthew
Turkalj Mark
Uz John
Van Kuren Kipp
Vespa Mike
Waghorn Emily
Wakeman Julie
Watkins Amir
Webber Jim
Werstein Brett
White Gary
Wilcox Chris
Wylie Judy
Wylie Brad
Youssef Jeffrey

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