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Mar 15, 2023 | Josh Pinese | 2192 views
WMHA Base category change

WMHA Families,  

Myself, and the board of directors at Windsor Minor are pleased to announce the approval by the OMHA, for WMHA to have our base category changed from ‘AA’ to ‘A’. With this designation, we hope to provide our travel program a more compatible skill based level of competition. This has no impact on our house league program, as it only effects the travel portion.

Our application was reviewed by and approved by the OMHA board of directors at their March meeting, and will be effective for the 2023-2024 season. I would like to personally thank the committee that helped prepare the application, which included life member Mario Pennesi, board member Derek Treverton, travel VP Kipp Van Kuren, and especially Jenna Providenti for all her hard work on the application.

This is a great move for the WMHA, and one that will hopefully bring more success to our travel program. Below we will try to answer some base questions, however, please feel free to send us an email if you have any further questions or comments on the matter.


What does this mean for the Travel Program?

This means that outside of our local league, the division we will compete in at tournaments and playdowns is now ‘A’ instead of ‘AA’. As stated, we hope this will bring more success to our travel program, who has been struggling to compete at tournaments and in OMHA playdowns.  


Why change from ‘AA’ to ‘A’?

In short, the thought process behind this was strongly based on our associations record outside of Bluewater. We took a 7 year average of our win loss ratio both in, and out of the Bluewater league, this includes any AA tournaments, as well as OMHA playdowns.

While we had relative success locally, our teams general W/L (win to loss) ratio was anywhere between 50%-70% within Bluewater. Outside of Bluewater however, our W/L ratio was anywhere from 18%-55%. If this was a mark in school, we would graded between failing miserably to a barely passing grade.

The change to an ‘A’ center only impacts us at tournaments and OMHA playdowns. Locally nothing will change. We will be competing against the same teams within Bluewater. At tournaments we will be competing in ‘A’ divisions which should see our W/L ratio be increased significantly, as well as at the OMHA playdowns.


Another large factor was the number of members in Windsor declining over the past 10 years. With other centers seeing large housing developments, and young families move into their municipalities, Windsor has seen the opposite and as a result, our membership has seen a steady decline over the past decade. Our membership is much closer to that of the rest of the ‘A’ centers in our area, where other ‘AA’ centers boast 1.5 to 2 times the amount of registered members each year.


How will NRP’s work with us being ‘A’?

The same structure Bluewater uses will be followed here. ‘AAA’ will host their tryouts, where you can obtain a permission to skate form from your home center. ‘AA’ will happen approximately one week after, which you can obtain an NRP card from Windsor minor to any One ‘AA’ center. Those now include Belle River, Lasalle, and Chatham. Next, Windsor, along with all other ‘A’ centers will host tryouts roughly one week after ‘AA’ started. At this point, anyone that is home to the ‘AA’ centers may obtain an NRP card and tryout for Windsor, or any other ‘A’ center in our league.


Again thank you to all those involved, and congratulations to all the players that will now have an opportunity to be more competitive down the highway in the future. We look forward to this change, and if you have any further questions or comments please email me at [email protected]




Josh Pinese

WMHA President




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