Respect In Sport - Parent Program (Windsor Minor Hockey Association)

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The Respect In Sport course is required by OMHA in order for kids to be able to play.  This online course takes about an hour, and needs to be completed prior to the start of your child's first season.  

Please make sure that you sign up for the course through your own name as the PARTICIPANT.   This ensures that the course is tied to you and therefore will apply to all your children.

If you have already completed this course either recently, or in a previous year for an older child, you may need to link the certificate to another child.  You can do so using the below links, there is a section in your profile called "child management" where you can associate children to your certificate using their name and birthdate.  In some rare cases you may have trouble locating your child if another with the same name shares a birthdate, or in the case of a system error.  If this happens please contact us for your child’s HCR number which is unique.

You can access the parent course here

For those that have completed the course, either this season, or in the past and need to link it properly to a child please see the below screenshots on how to complete the linking process.

from the below link, log in, then follow the outlined steps in the images below