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May 01, 2023 | admin | 1163 views
Thank You from Mrs. Coach Carl
Please see a thank you letter from Georgene Olender.  

To my Hockey Family,
Finding the words to say to you is a struggle, but I have never backed down from a struggle or battle, so I will dig deep into my heart for you.
A sea of jerseys is what I asked for for Coach Carl.  You surpassed my expectations.  But you didn't stop there.  The love shown for him, and the true devotion and respect overflowed and overwhelmed.  To his players (his kids) past and present-------he lived for you!  You will never fully realize the depth of love and dedication he felt for each and every one of you.  We would come home after a practice or game and he'd tell me who needed what to train better, but also conveyed the pure pride he had in you.  
He kept the fun in the game but you know he took his job seriously.  If you stepped out of line, he would correct it quickly.  That's because he understood that hockey wasn't just a game.  It was a part of a bigger plan.  Comradery, hard work, dedication, trust and loyalty----these are the life lessons that he wanted so desperately to teach you.  These lessons extended, at times, to his fellow coaches, where he tried to do his best to pass on his many years of experience.
To the many, many hockey parents throughout the years, please know that he was always grateful for the trust you put in him by handing over your child in the arena.  I saw that you truly appreciated his care in molding your children into the best hockey players they could be.  He always considered it an honor.
On a personal note, I cannot express the proper words to thank you for the love you have all shown toward me.  On that very difficult day, you showed me the ultimate form of respect via the sound of the sticks as I re-entered the funeral home alone.  That moment will live in my heart forever.
In closing, I have one more request.  If Carl coached you, remember him.  If he shook your hand, smiled or hugged you, remember him.  And even if he got under your skin, remember him.  Remember him.  Carl always forged his own path in life, and that path led to all of you, and neither one of us would have had it any other way.
With immeasurable gratitude and love,
Mrs. Coach Carl,
Please note:
This also comes with deepest appreciation from the Olender family, including his brothers Brad (Tan), Tony (Karen) and Rob.  And also the Kouvelas family, including his bro-in-law Dean and nieces and nephews Casey (Tim), Taylor (Samantha) and Erica (Doug)

WMHA has printed helmet stickers in memory of Coach Carl.  Please see Doug Tellerd at tryouts if you would like one
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