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WMHA Volunteer Awards 2021-2022 Season
On behalf of the WMHA Board of Directors,

We would like to congratulate the award winners listed below. Congratulations to all the young hockey players for their dedication, sportsmanship, and improvement over the past year. We would also like to thank all our volunteers, past and present, for all their dedication, commitment, and positive influence on our young hockey players. To the parents, thank you for supporting the volunteers and of course continuing to bring your children each week. We encourage you to get involved and be a part of the great volunteer group we have in this organization!

House Minor

U7 House Minor Volunteer Award - Scott Fryer

WMHA would like to thank this year's U7 volunteer of the year, Scott Fryer. Scott gave continuous on ice support with not only the U7, but also the U9 and U5 divisions. Scott always stepped up and lent a hand and is extremely patient with the kids he works with and truly understands that it is about having fun.

U9 House Minor Volunteer Award - Mike Piccolo

WMHA would like to thank Mike for his time and effort he put into this past season. Mike was always early and came prepared for the day. Mike took the time to look over the Hockey Canada information and do his best to execute it. Mike was never afraid to ask for an opinion or if needed some help with his team.

U11 House League Volunteer Award - Ian Cowie

Ian is a non parent coach that reached out to WMHA early last year about helping out where needed. This year our U11 division was in need of help and he took a team and ran with it. Ian treated each player like his own and gave them an experience the kids will never forget some playing in their first tournament, and some in their first day of champs. Ian definitely went above the call of duty as a coach.

House Major

U13 House

U13 House Major Coach of the Year - Jeff Crowley

Jeff has been volunteering his time for the past number of years as a coach and has continued to go above and beyond. He spends time with each player to set goals and help them achieve them each year. He makes personal connections and encourages them to be good people and good hockey players. Thanks Jeff for your continued commitment to WMHA!

U13 House League Most Improved Player - Luke Drouillard - Team Blue


It was Luke's first year with WMHA and playing on a hockey team. He quickly gained speed and ability, becoming a natural on the ice. He was an asset to the team and his improvement throughout the year was significant! Great work, Luke!

U13 House League Most Improved Player - Chase Patterson - Team Black


Chase joined WMHA last year having never played hockey before. He worked hard, improved, and was a leader on ice. He aided the black team in games, scoring goals and encouraging others to do their best. Well done Chase!

U13 House League Most Sportsmanlike Player - Rami Abu-Zahra - Team White

Rami quickly was recognized as a player that was respectful of both the officials and teams of WMHA and others. He became a leader on the bench and on the ice. He had their backs and would always encourage others to keep going and work hard. Excellent work, Rami!

U13 House League Most Dedicated Player - Ryan Deblois - Team Green


Ryan is this year’s recipient of Most Dedicated player for the U13 division because he works hard in games and practices, being the best he can be. He encourages others, asks questions, and helps others with the sport he loves. He is a great example of commitment to the sport of hockey!

U15 House

U15 Coach of the Year - Francesco Aiuto

Francesco is a former WMHA player who returned to give back as a volunteer over the past number of years. He coached with Kyle Little, always worked well with the other bench staff, and encouraged the players to work hard, understand, and improve at the game. The individual attention he gives is appreciated by players and families. 

U15 House League Most Improved Player - Ben Cayea - Team White

Ben began the season as a novice player who wanted to learn and improve at the game. He worked hard, practiced hard, and was committed to improving every element of his game. He became a leader and player that any coach would want on their team - respectful, reflective, and appreciative of all the support and assistance given..

U15 House League Most Sportsmanlike Player - Callahan Schaefer - Team Blue

Callahan was a player on Team Blue who would always encourage others, and respect the coaches and officials as well as the opposition. He would tap the goalie pads after a save or goal, and listen and respond to the coaches during practices or a game situation. Great work Callahan!

U15 House League Most Dedicated Player - Keegan Wright - Team Black

Keegan was a team player who put in the effort as soon as he arrived. He worked hard, listened well, and was an integral player on Team Black. His respectfulness was appreciated by coaches and players alike, and his dedication to improving and being part of a team was evident all year. Well done Keegan!

U18/U21 House

U18/U21 House League Coach of the Year - Doug Sadler - Team Blue

Coach Doug Sadler manages to balance his busy schedule as an educator with the title of hockey coach twice a week at Adie Knox Arena. He encourages each member of his team and instills in them a sense of camaraderie and support for others. When Kaden Lamont, a player on the team received the diagnosis of Leukemia, he rallied the team to fundraise, support, and dress in orange (the ribbon colour for Leukemia) to help with the #fightforkaden initiative. Thanks for the continued commitment Mr.Sadler!

U18/U21 House League Most Improved Player - Anthony Garant - Team Black

Anthony began the year as the younger of the team in the difficult position of defense. With many skilled players coming in his direction, he worked hard to increase speed and defensive position throughout the year. Anthony was an integral member of the team, respectful and appreciative to coaches and team members. Well done, Anthony!

U18/U21 House League Most Sportsmanlike Player - Aidan Moscatello - Team Yellow

Aidan is a player on the ice you will see tapping the pads of either goalie, helping players up, and being respectful with officials, coaches, and opposition. When faced with difficulty, he takes the high road and encourages others to do the same. His demeanor on and off the ice is to be respected and appreciated. Great job, Aidan!

U18/U21 House League Most Dedicated Player - Kaden Lamont - Team Blue

Kaden took on this season as any other - with tenacity and spirit. He worked hard, as did his Mom making memories with every goal and assisting behind the camera lens! When faced with a cancer diagnosis in February, he approached it with a positive attitude, vigor, and strength as he does with everything else in his life. We are so proud of you and your commitment to WMHA, even attending “‘virtually” from the hospital and after in person whenever you could. On behalf of WMHA, we will continue to #fightforkaden and look forward to seeing you again next season!

Knobby Knudsen Award House League - Rob Benneian U15 and U18/U21 Coach

Rob has been a staunch supporter of WMHA both on and off the ice for the past number of years. He has taken on two teams each year - with great success and dedication. Rob relates to the players, encouraging them and coaching them to improve. He would grab any extra ice he could, and the players would follow. Thanks for your continued support, Rob! See you next season!

Knobby Knudsen AwardVictor Jones

Victor has held many hats at many levels over the years, most recently as a trainer on two different teams and filling in when needed on others. You will see him at both Capri and Knox, bandaging, assessing, encouraging, and wiping tears from others. His kind and calm demeanor is appreciated by players and coaching staff. Thanks for always doing so much for WMHA! 

Youth Volunteer of the YearJake Lewis

Jake was a U15AA player last season often on the ice with his team up to 5 days a week. In spite of a busy hockey and high school schedule, he committed to volunteering with our youngest WMHA players - the U5 division. The players would look up (literally!) at Jake and skate for him as he encouraged them with a smile and positive words. Youth volunteers like Jake are integral to our association’s success, and we hope to see you on ice and benches for years to come. Thanks for your dedication, Jake!

Travel Coach of the Year 
George Voros U16

The WMHA board of directors and Travel Committee would like to extend our congratulations to George Voros on receiving the 2021-2022 Travel Coach of Year Award. George returned to Windsor Minor as a head coach for the 2019-2020 season and has spent the last two season with the 2005 & 2006 age groups. George and his staff have done an exceptional job leading their team during the challenges of playing through the pandemic.  George and his staff always had the U16AA team prepared to play and showed steady improvements throughout the season, this led to the team finishing 1st in their Bluewater playoff pool before losing a hard-fought semi-final game.

Congratulations George to you and your entire staff, WMHA is lucky to have such a great volunteer and mentor for our players. We are looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish next season with the U18AA Team.

Rick Murdoch Award Robert Treverton

Over the past number of years, “Robbie” has volunteered his services on the bench for WMHA, encouraging and taking care of our players. As a non-parent volunteer, Robbie donates his time out of the love of the sport and working with the players develop, improve and be part of a team. Thanks for your continued selfless support, dedication and commitment to the sport of hockey, WMHA and the players that benefit from your time. 

Knobby Knudsen Award - Rick MacMillan 

Rick is an experienced hockey coach that comes from university, high school and most recently WMHA experience. His ability to coordinate with bench staff, identify with the players of many ages, and instill the wisdom of hockey ability by his time with players is greatly appreciated by WMHA. Rick has a true passion for instilling great values to all he teaches on and off the ice, and will have a positive impact on the future leaders of our community. It is for this very reason that Windsor Minor is proud to present Rick with the Knobby Knudsen Award. 

Rick, thanks for continuing to develop and mentor these young players as they skate through their time with WMHA. 

WMHA Bob Probert Community Award - Mike Stannard and Tribal Printing 

Mike and Tribal Printing have been a great contributor to many causes over the past number of years with WMHA. Most recently, when he heard of our young WMHA Player Kaden Lamont being diagnosed with Leukemia, he was the first to respond with an offer to support the family. He called and quickly donated both t-shirts and logo design for our families to purchase for supporting Kaden in his journey. 

Mike exemplifies what it truly means to be an active, caring and contributing member of our community, and we are all grateful to have him as part of WMHA. Mike and Tribal Printing, thank you for your continued support!

Presidents Award Shannon Munson

Shannon has been an active volunteer with WMHA for 7+ years, and has grown and evolved into one, if not the most, involved and dependable volunteer at WMHA. If you’ve ever been to a WMHA charity event, coat drive, U8 Christmas party, blood drive, or just been around the rink on a Saturday or Sunday Morning, or even a late night Tuesday, Wednesday U19 skates, then you’ve probably had the privilege of bumping in, and chatting with Shannon. 

Her dedication to the organization is unmatched, and we wouldn’t have made it out of the past 2 turbulent years as unscathed as we did, if it was not for her adherence, application, and involvement of all the rotating bylaws, mandates, and rules we all had to follow to have our kids enjoy our great sport.
From all of us at WMHA, and especially from myself, the current president, thank you Shannon for all your hard work, this award could not have gone to a more deserving candidate, and I wish you nothing but continued success for yourself, your family, and the positive change you’ve made in our organization.
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