Police Vulnerable Sector Checks (3 years) (Windsor Minor Hockey Association)

PrintPolice Vulnerable Sector Checks (3 years)

Police Vulnerable Sector Check (Every 3 years)

Police Vulnerable Sector Checks are an essential part of this Association’s ongoing management of volunteers. They are required for the following individuals;

1) Board Members, Coaches, Trainers, Managers, Assistants, Parent Liaisons, On-Ice-Helpers, Convenors.

2) Those responsible for handling funds either for a team, or other Association related functions.

3) All other WMHA volunteers who come in direct contact with players on a consistent basis.\

*****If fingerprints are required, please contact Windsor Police directly for fingerprints. If you go elsewhere, the cost will not be covered by the association. 

*****If you did not receive your VSC from Windsor Police Service, contact them for where to go for fingerprints.

A. Criteria for acceptance as volunteer with WMHA:

1) Applicants who have charges pending OR have been convicted of a criminal offences involving a child(ren) will not be able to participate in any capacity within the WMHA.


2) Applicants, who according to Hockey Canada, OHF and OMHA policies, who have certain charges pending or convictions registered for criminal offences, the applicant will be refused participation in any capacity within the WMHA.

3) If an applicant is not allowed to participate with the WMHA, the applicant will be notified as to the reasons why.

4) Any applicant who is refused participation may appeal to the Board in writing

5) All applicants who, at any time, are charged or convicted of a criminal offence or an offence involving a breach of trust or where the safety of children is compromised shall notify the designated WMHA Executive Member immediately.

B. Submission of Police Vulnerable Sector Checks

1) Police Vulnerable Sector Checks must be submitted to the RISK MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR, Frank Providenti ([email protected]) electronically or in a sealed envelop (if paper copy).

A copy of the VSC is to be retained by the individual. Failure to submit a Police Clearance will result in the prohibition of the individual from volunteering within WMHA.

2) The WMHA may request a volunteer apply for a Police Vulnerable Sector Check at any time.

C. Declarations
Declarations must be completed each year when a VSC is not required. Please see the link under the Volunteer Tab.

 Police Vulnerable Sector Check Information

When you apply, email Frank Providenti ([email protected]), Director of Risk Management, the receipt as proof of application for the Vulnerable sector check.

When you receive the results, email Frank Providenti ([email protected]) with the results and your specific password so it can be updated on your Spordle Profile.